What If?

What If?
What If?- our Musical Concert series at La MaMa E.T.C. - www.BriannaLaRoccoPhotography.com

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

La Mama e.t.c. Presents: A Mind the Art Anthology!

A Mind The Art Anthology features 3 distinct works encompassing everything from musical theater to comedic looks at philosophy to political performance art. These pieces are sure to entertain, while also challenging the status quo and rebelling against your reality.

What If? - Broadway. Revised, Retuned, and Remixed.
Fridays, March 26 & April 2 @ 10pm

What if La Vie Boheme was laced with a hip-hop track and a dope lyricist? What if The Sound of Music was belted out by a 1920s jazz vocalist? What if The Impossible Dream dripped with sultry Latin flavor? These are just a few of the musical mash-ups you will find in this innovative concert that dares to redefine musical styles and genres. Join award-winning musicians, composers, and singers as we ask the question ‘What If?’

DIE - Their fate. Your hands… Roll the DIE.
Saturdays, March 27 & April 3 @ 10pm

Imagine, if you will, a world unencumbered by the stress of decision-making, a world where you never have to wonder if you made the ‘right' decision. In this existential comedy, two roommates make this a reality by letting the roll of a DIE decide for them. But is life really carefree when the responsibility is left up to chance? Watch as this duo embarks on comedic misadventures, all of which are orchestrated by YOU. That’s right, because the DIE is in YOUR hands. With 36 possible endings, you won’t see the same show twice. So take a chance.

Under the Veil: Being Muslim & Non-Muslim in post 9/11 America
Sundays, March 28 & April 4 @ 5:30pm

Under the Veil is a provocative piece of political theater that investigates the stereotypes and racism imposed upon the Muslim-American community in New York City society. Through drama, comedy, poetry, and music, we confront the issues of race, loyalty, and identity, challenging you to question your own religious fear and misunderstandings as we take you Under the Veil.

Producer: La MaMa E.T.C. * Artistic Director: Christian De Gré * Creative Coordinator: Jesse R. Tendler * Project Manager: Ariana Paganetti * PR Manager: Aundra Goodrum * Associate Creative Coordinator: Cassie Newman * Marketing Team Coordinator: Ashley C. Williams * Financial Officer: Joe Reese * Scheduling Manager: Owen Panettieri * Executive Assistant: Cheryl Moy

Die - Written by Joe Kurtz * Directed by Christian De Gré * Starring: Joe Kurtz * Amanda Kay Schill * Rob Moreira * Justin Anselmi * David Williams * Joe Reese

What If? - Musical Director: Christian De Gré * Featuring: Michael Berberich * Ashley C. Williams * Alyssa Robbins * Jennifer Lauren Brown * Owen Panettieri * Amanda Marasch * Chuk Obasi * Joe Reese * Jens Kramer * Manny Simone * Steven Husted * Brian Percival * Lauren Crump * Aaron Butler * Stephen Stocking * Adam Shorsten * Sean David * Don Circle * Heather Parcells * Ariana Paganetti * Kris Roberts * Shannon Seals * Greg Hornby

Under The Veil - By the TE'A Company * Originally Produced by Radha Productions in association with The NiteStar Program and Intersections International * Directed by Cheryl Paley * Featuring: Christian De Gré * Ashley C. Williams * Felipe Aguilar * Crystal Quallo * Chuk Obasi * Fred Johnson


Tickets: $15, $10 for students and seniors

Purchase at
www.MindTheArtEntertainment.com or www.LaMaMa.org

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