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What If?
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Winner Announced!

The judges voted on the Top 5 People's Choice Finalists for the Timing of a Day Haiku Contest, and a winner has been selected!

Winner- Vincent Marano
She takes the covers
So gently during the night
I hardly feel cold.

The remaining finalists in random order:

Honorable Mention #1- Shawn Barnes
This is a haiku
It's written by me for you
...and I'm moving out.

Honorable Mention #2- Hillary Browne
I know your back bends
I know your sigh translations
Every hair, breath, bone

Honorable Mention #3- Harry Barandes
she's talking to me
i barely pay attention
in bed our toes touch

Honorable Mention #4- Caley Vickerman
bright cereal bowls,
left-open-drawers, fresh earth scent
phantom trail of you.

Thank you to all who participated! Don't forget to visit: www.mindtheartentertainment.com to get your tickets to The Timing of A Day or visit our IndieGoGo page to support this fantastic show!

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