What If?

What If?
What If?- our Musical Concert series at La MaMa E.T.C. - www.BriannaLaRoccoPhotography.com

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ellen Stewart, we honor and celebrate you!

(picture from www.lamama.org)

Dear Mind The Art family, friends and readers,
As you probably now know, the great Ellen Stewart, founder of La MaMa E.T.C. passed away this morning. We were just there last night, right below her apartment, rehearsing for our Anthology as her life began to fade.

Mind The Art has two shows there next week and it's because of La MaMa that we are who and where we are today. Because of Ellen's passion to allow new artists to create and explore we have had the opportunity to showcase: A Mind The Art Anthology Vol. I & Vol. II, What If?, Die, TE'A's Under The Veil, Spellbound- A Musical Adventure, A Woman In Progress & Story Time with Mr. Buttermen: Fables for Adults Living in a Modern World.

Let us honor and celebrate this incredible woman today. We as artists owe her much.

Below is what I have sent to La MaMa's staff on Mind The Art's behalf:

"Dear La MaMa family,
Mind The Art Entertainment would like to offer our condolences for this great loss today.

Ellen Stewart was a force beyond comparison and we all loved her dearly. We celebrate her incredible life and her bravery. We honor the obstacles that she overcame and her passion to support new work.

We would not be even a shadow of who we are if it wasn't for La MaMa E.T.C. and we cannot honor, thank and celebrate Ellen enough. She has given our artists a unique voice and we are just a few of the thousands of dreamers that have walked through those great doors.

We mourn and celebrate with you.

Thank you Ellen and the incredible family you have created for allowing us the chance to make our dreams become a reality, you will never be forgotten."

Kindest Regards,
Christian De Gré
President & Artistic Director- Mind The Art Entertainment

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